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In Budapest’s one of the most frequent district called “Lipótváros” there is a beautiful modern Bauhaus Ristorante Buda, the Dunapark restaurant and café. The imposing restaurant and coffee house on Pozsonyi Road was built in 1938 in an art deco-style, which is characterized by clean design, gently curving lines, and an ample use of glass and steel. The elegant and spacious place bring us back to the ‘30s. The huge windows of the café and restaurant look on the Danube-bank and Szent István park, and they also have a terrace which is the ideal place for eating an ice cream sundae during the summer. The Dunapark Ristorante Buda offer quality food whether you order á la carte or choose from the chef’s offers. 

The restaurant is 100 percent dog friendly, that means dogs are welcome both inside and outside at the terrace, so they can enjoy the huge ground or just chillin next to their owners legs. 

At the Dunapark Ristorante Buda you can join passionate cuban music nights, where guests can dance all night long for live latin rhythm after they finish the delicious dinner. Besides to the “latin nights” there are live piano music every day, acoustic concerts and even theaters that are interactive, so even you can join the performance.  

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